Neuro-Visual Processing Treatment Levels I - III
Presented By: William V. Padula, OD, SFNAP, FNORA , FAAO; Raquel Munitz, MS, COVT
Cost: $875.00 per participant
Course Description

These workshops are COPE Approved. This three part series on Neuro-Visual Processing Treatment provides the participant with a comprehensive understanding of the affects of prisms and the importance of focal and ambient processes on neuro-visual processing.

Level I emphasizes the use of prisms and the characteristics of the focal and ambient processes.. Visual field loss, spatial neglect , and focal binding will be analyzed from both the conscious cognitive perspective and the preconscious spatial dysfunction underlying the behaviors.NVPT activities will be presented and demonstrated.

Level II advances the understanding of the base of support (BOS) and the visual process. Neuro-Visual Postural Therapy (NVPT) will reveal how vision can affect movement and postural relationships. It will show theconstellation of changes possible to posture, movement and spatial orientation.

Level III explores advanced therapeutic approaches for patients who have stabilized the Base of Support (BOS) but who have difficulty organizing the spatial (ambient) visual process for higher level activities such as being introduced to environments that are busy or over-stimulating. Parallax will be used to demonstrate how to stabilize the ambient process together with movement and posture. Therapeutic activities will be demonstrated in addition to new methods of therapy with prisms and technology.

Learning Outcomes
1. To provide an understanding and appreciation of the impact of visual processing dysfunction on cognition, perception, posture, movement, balance and spatial organization.
2. To demonstrate the effectiveness of prescribed prism prescriptions to affect balance, posture, movement and spatial organization.
3. Define the relationship between the spatial visual process and the base of support (BOS).
4. Create an understanding of binocularity relative to dysfunction between the ambient visual process and the motor system.
5. Demonstrate how to incorporate yoked prisms with movement to affect the BOS in treating PTVS and VMSS.
6. Develop an advanced understanding of how to utilize prisms in conjunction with NVPT to affect binocular problems such as strabismus as well as spatial dysfunction.
7. Develop an understanding of how to engage the focal process of vision without compromising the relationship of the ambient process with the motor system.
8. Identify advanced methods of NVPT in conjunction with bi-modal visual processing.
Seminar Level
These workshops are COPE Accredited. This offering provides all three levels of the course on Neuro-Visual Processing (Optometric) Rehabilitation and Visual/Postural Dysfunction  Following a Neurological Event. Purchasing all three courses together provides each participant with a 10% discount on the combined individual course prices.
These workshops are COPE Accredited. Certificate of contact hours from the Padula Institute of Vision is separate from COPE Approval
When purchasing the entire NVPT series, each Level must be taken and completed in sequence.
Target Audience
Optometrists, certified optometric vision therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and other rehabilitation professionals.